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Your AC Compressor: The Heart of Your System

July 15th, 2019

Air conditioners in Bucks and Montgomery Counties are working hard this time of year!

When you think about air conditioning as a system you probably think of how the network works together. If we asked you to name a few parts of your air conditioner, you’d probably name the thermostat, your ducts, the outdoor unit, and your indoor unit. You might even venture far enough to name a couple of internal parts like the fan or filter. You probably wouldn’t name your compressor however.

We’re not judging you for this. You own an air conditioner, but working on an air conditioner isn’t your life’s work. This is why all your residential AC repair in Dallas should always be left to a professional on our team. We’re here for you when you need us. If you need air conditioning repair you can count on our team and if you want to know more about your AC system you can keep reading below.

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Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Hot Air?

July 1st, 2019

blue-question-markIt’s finally summer! We know that you’re looking forward to poolside afternoons and long summer evenings. If you want to make sure that your summer is smooth sailing, simply call on our team for all your air conditioning services. We’re still pretty early on into the season but you should still alert our professionals to any problems you’re having at the first sign of trouble.

Unaddressed problems only get worse. Don’t let something minor snowball into an issue big enough to cause an air conditioner breakdown in your home. If you need great heat pump services in Dallas, contact our team today.

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Time to Upgrade Your Central AC? Call Our Team

June 17th, 2019

air-conditioner-in-need-of-serviceThere comes a time in the lifespan of every air conditioning system where you’ll need to upgrade. Manufacturers build air conditioning systems with longevity in mind, but they can’t last forever. If you’ve finally reached your breaking point with your faulty air conditioning system then it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with our professional team.

We’re an HVAC company that goes above and beyond the expected. We’ll help you find a new central air conditioner, install it perfectly, and we’ll even provide any of the services that you might need in the future. If you need great central AC system installation in Dallas, TX then contact our professional team today to schedule an appointment.

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How Bad Installation Services Ruin Your AC

June 3rd, 2019

ac-manifoldWe’re making the hot transition from spring into summer now—have you decided that it’s time for an AC upgrade? This is something many homeowners realize during this time of year. Although this is typically a begrudging realization it’s always best to start the process of your upgrade sooner than later. If the prospect of an upgrade like this is a little daunting you can count on our team at CityLine Air Conditioning. We’re a team that specializes in AC installation in Dallas, TX. If you want a group of responsible service professionals with all the right knowledge to keep your home cool make sure you contact our team to schedule an appointment.

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Is Your AC Short Cycling?

May 20th, 2019


We’ve reached that time of year where a lot of homeowners realize the honeymoon period with their air conditioner is over. If you neglected to have a tune-up performed on your air conditioner before the high temperatures hit or if you’re still nursing along some problems from last summer you’ve probably noticed that your air conditioner issues have started to rear their ugly head again. Let this inconvenience inspire you to take a different plan of action and schedule AC repair services in Dallas, TX with our team.

We’re a family owned and operated business that’s worked here in Dallas since 2005. When you come to our team we’ll treat you like family too! We go above and beyond to provide quality work to our customers.

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Refrigerant 101: How Your AC Cools Your Home

May 6th, 2019

The temperatures are finally starting to heat up in Dallas, so we wanted to take this time to highlight an important part of air conditioning—refrigerant. Refrigerant is one of those things that many homeowners are aware of but don’t often understand. Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioning system. If you understand how this aspect of your AC works then you’ll understand the system as a whole a lot better.

If you’re looking for residential air conditioning services in Dallas then make sure that you contact our team. We’re a reliable crew of technicians that always give our best effort to provide you with quality service.

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It’s Never Too Early to Prep Your AC

April 22nd, 2019

AC-techniciansAs a Dallas resident, you probably know that spring brings along some pretty hot temperatures. If you’re thinking about your air conditioner now then you’re already a step ahead. It’s always best to prepare your HVAC system prior to the season ahead. If you need air conditioning services in Plano, TX then make sure that you contact our team. We’re the team that treats you like family! We’ll make sure that your air conditioner is ready to cool you off for the entire summer.

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Deciphering That Furnace Problem You’re Having

April 8th, 2019

thermostatWhen you’re having an issue with the furnace is your home, it’s more than likely that your first move is to contact a team of service professionals in the area that you trust. This is completely understandable and a great way to ensure that your furnace is always up to par, but if you want to take things a step further, it’s a great idea to try and understand why you’re having the furnace problems you’re having. Doing this will help you avoid any problems in the future too. If you’re searching for a good HVAC service company to keep your home in good shape year-round, you can count on our team at CityLine Air Conditioning.

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Dust, Rattling, and Short Cycling: The Signs of Heating Repair

March 25th, 2019

furnace-technicianWinter is slowly but surely coming to a close in Dallas. When we get to this point in the season, you might notice that the cool temperatures in the past few months have really put your heater to the test. If you’re experiencing problems with your heating system then it’s time to call our team of professionals. There are many other problems other than the ones listed in the title of this post that are signs that you need heating repair. We understand that finding great heating repair services isn’t always easy. When you’re on the hunt for superior heating repair in Plano, TX, you can count on our team. We’ve served the Greater Dallas Area since 2005, so we really understand what homeowners here want. Don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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Common Winter Heating Problems and What to Do About Them

March 11th, 2019

man-getting-warm-in-heavy-blue-jacketWhen we get to this point in the winter season, you’re relying on the heater in your home more than ever to keep you and your family comfortable. While this is great as long as your heater can withstand the extra work, it becomes a problem when the constant usage highlights problems with your heating system.

There are a few common winter heating problems that homeowners start to see during this time of year. Some of them are less ostensible than others, so we’d like to underscore them here. If you’re having trouble with your heating system and need the best HVAC services in Plano, TX for your heater contact our team. We handpick our technicians so we can confidently say that all of them are smart, conscientious, and reliable.

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