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AC Repair FAQ: Do I Have a Water Leak?

Monday, May 21st, 2018

ac-manifoldHave you noticed that there is a puddle of water around your air conditioning system? Chances are that this one really threw you for a loop, especially if you have a basic understanding of how your air conditioner actually cools your home—evaporating refrigerant to remove heat from the air, then condensing that refrigerant outside in order to release its heat. You’ll notice that nowhere in this process does water come into play.

So what is up with that puddle? Maybe my plumbing leaked and it just collected there? Well, it is entirely possible that the water did originate from your air conditioning system—though not in the traditional sense of a “leak” that you may be thinking. Today we’ll discuss some of the possible causes of this conundrum, as well as when you should contact us for air conditioning repairs in Plano, TX.

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Have You Considered Using a Heat Pump?

Monday, May 7th, 2018

temperature-just-rightContrary to what a lot of people that have never visited here may think, it does get cold in the winter season. It is easy to say that everything is relative, but the fact remains that our winter weather does still pale in comparison to areas in the northeast or the midwest. Don’t get us wrong. You definitely need a great heating system installed on your property if you want to make it through the winter comfortably. With our relatively mild winters, though, comes a great opportunity.

That opportunity? Using a heat pump in Plano to heat your home. Again, don’t get us wrong. Today’s heat pumps can handle weather that is more consistently and dramatically cold than what we’re typically dealing with around here. And that’s the point. When you use a heat pump in a climate like ours, you reap the full benefits of its unique heating process without worrying about the system being overwhelmed or dropping in efficiency. But why are we talking about a heater right now?

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